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Breakfast in Industrie Hotel, Busan

Open Hours |  07:00 - 10:00

Cost |  Adult: 7,000 won / Children: 5,500 won (under 13) / Preschool: FREE

Venue |  1st Floor Restaurant

Menu |  American Style (Bagels, muffins, croissants, morning bread, sandwiches, chocolate pies, various cereals, milk, juice, etc.)

Shared Facilities in Industrie Hotel, Busan

Parking Lot |
Free parking at both indoor/outdoor of the hotel.

Free WI-FI |
Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.
ID: Room number (no password needed)

Lobby & Front Desk |
Free bottled water and welcome drink bar available.
Guests can pick up their necessary amenity and bathrobe provided at the Front (comb, razor, cotton swab, etc.)
Guest Computers (MacBook, Windows)

Additional Services Provided in Industrie Hotel, Busan

Free Services |
Rental: electric kettle, multi-adapter, multi-charger (lobby)
HAPPY HOUR ? (11:00~16:00) at 1st floor Restaurant. Guests can use our meeting rooms as your meeting or relaxation space freely. / Coffee and cookies provided.

Other Services |
Room maintenance is provided upon your request after you leave. (room cleaning provided once per night, request should be made before 3pm)
Printing service for business customers (less than 5 sheets) and FAX.
Styler (which comes with steaming function to remove smell and wrinkles in your clothes, shirts, etc.)

Multilingual Service for Foreign Guests |
Our staffs can assist our guests in English and Japanese.

Paid services |
Rental bicycles (5,000 won/2 hours per person)